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[24 Jul 2007|04:44pm]


Have fun.  Go grocery shopping.  Think that's impossible.  Check this out.


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hello. [26 May 2007|10:17pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I am moving to the area in a year, and I am looking to meet people to hang out with. As a single mother, I would also like to meet single parents. I am on myspace as well, and you can reach that site with my profile on my livejournal...

I will be 28 yrs. old  in a few months, into the bar scene, wines, indie/hardcore/rockabilly music and I am adventurous! So hit me up!

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Still don't feel too welcome to the neighborhood! [18 May 2007|10:07pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I've applied for 23 jobs so far and haven't landed any. My bf does have a full time job, but minimum wage isn't cutting it, especially with a car breaking down and a baby on the way pretty soon. He needs a better job. He has cash handling experience and has worked as one of those people that clock people in at a construction site? Our rent right now is almost all of the entire month's wages he earns with all utilities included but electric. If anyone has any leads on an apartment or home for rent, preferably  that is hopefully around $450 or under with all utilities included that wouldn't mind a couple with a baby and maybe a kitty, that would be wonderful! Also, what do people do around here?? I came from the U.P. and I used to like to go hiking on the trails and swim in the lake. I haven't quite figured out Grand Haven yet. The lake is too cold right now and... I don't know what to do with myself. I'm suffering from major cabin fever. No more blueberry picking, no more trail hiking, no more scenic drives, no more walking up to the waterfalls... :( This is depressing. I don't really have any buddies but my bf. The lack of jobs is also depressing. But... I am approaching 7 months pregnant and can't really waste much more time looking for employment. Grand Haven so far summed up in one word to me is DEPRESSING. I want to move, but am stuck because I can't think of a city to move to. I'd like Grand Haven to be a place where I would like to stay.

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come vote for me [05 May 2007|12:28pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

check out my page on Loud.com and vote for me too, then later tonight come down for coffee at the vous.

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Wanted for Purchase - Will Pick Up [19 Apr 2007|04:08pm]

Hello everyone! My husband and I are in need of more than a few household items. Check your basements, attics and garages. We know you must have stuff like this laying around and collecting dust. We'll pay decently for them and will pick up/ load items ourselves (within reasonable proximity of Holland, MI):

MICROWAVE, 5 years old or less, no mini-microwaves, up to $50.

GAS RANGE, 8 years old or less, stove AND oven must work, will not repair, will consider all, but preferences for black, stainless steel or mostly black or stainless steel, up to $300-$400.

MEDICINE CABINETS for bathrooms, we need two of them, do NOT need to match, they are for two different bathrooms, up to $50.

BOOKSHELVES, BOOKCASES, WALL SHELVING, any size, any condition, we don't care if they're scratched up, dinged up, dented or just plain ugly as long as they're wood and somewhat sturdy. Also interested in laminate shelving if it's in decent shape. Up to $30-$40.

SMALL DRESSERS, END TABLES, NIGHT STANDS, SMALL TABLES AND SIDE BOARDS, will consider items in any condition as long as they are sturdy, preference for wood, up to $50.

TV/MEDIA STANDS/ CONSOLES or MICROWAVE STANDS, smaller units, not interested in large entertainment centers, only needs to be at least 21" x 11" on top. I don't care if its ugly, it just needs to be very sturdy, up to $30-$40.

SINKS - PEDESTAL/ WALL MOUNTED/ OTHER, we need a pedestal sink for one bathroom and some kind of other sink for the other bathroom (not picky on style). No cracks. We have not researched prices for sinks yet, so I have no price range to post. Make offers.

TOILET, just needs to be a working unit, no cracks, doesn't need to have a seat (we'll buy our own). Make offers.

WARDROBE/ PANTRY/ CABINETS/ STORAGE, we need this kind of stuff too, price range too great to list, depends on what you've got.

FREEZERS, preference for chest style over upright, but will consider all, email us with age, size or capacity and how much you want for it.

Go ahead and send offers, descriptions, pictures, prices and all that good stuff to griffin.rider@gmail.com. Please specify your location so we may figure driving distances when considering your items. I will reply to all emails. Thank you so much!
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I need a place to shack up in downtown GH... [20 Jan 2006|04:05am]

Looking for a one bedroom or studio apartment in downtown GH that is pet friendly. Price range from 350 to 450 with utilities included. Move in date anywhere from May to August, depending on availability.
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room for rent [11 Oct 2005|11:09am]

Anyone need a new place?

We have a room (possibly two) for rent!!!

We're looking for a roomate, age 18-30ish, any orientation, male, female, or couples.. We are pet and smoker friendly, although smoking areas may be limited this winter to individual bedrooms and the heated breezeway.

The house is in Norton shores, near the mall and Cinema Carousel. One resident is a full time college student at MCC.. It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bath with large fenced in yard, kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace, and a study.
We're all open, laid back people and we all work full time, but we all like to have fun. 3 people live there, two share a room. We have a large dog, large iguana (caged most the time), and a cat in the house.

Rent is $250/month. Utilities are included, but some months there may be a bit extra, never more then like $20-30 per person, and only if our gas bills are high.

If you're interested, feel free to comment, email me Iamx88@aol.com, or call me (Heather) 231-206-3561 .
I don't get online all that often so calling is probobly best, but I'll get to my messages online within probobly a week or so. :)
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[02 Apr 2005|10:35am]

[ mood | hopeful ]


Seeking studio, 1, or 2 bedroom house or apartment. Spring Lake/Ferrysburg/Grand Haven area.
Must allow 1 dog.
(also interested in rooms for rent)

My fiance and I can pay up to $450/month.

We're both clean and neat, as is our dog. We're also both very reliable..

Looking to move now.

If anyone knows of a place or could point us in the right direction, please do!


Thank you!!!
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[11 Feb 2005|07:25pm]

Body jewlery is here!!!!

I have 104 tongue rings, 8 twisters, and 10 belly rings.

These are all brand new.

Buy now and take your pick!!!
(after I do, of course.. :-P)

For my friends on lj,
6 tongue rings for $5. I have stripes, checkers, glitter, swirl, and solid of almost all colors!

Belly rings, $2/each. Moon/star, beach ball, and sex ones.. ;-)

Twisters, $2/each. beach ball and swirl colors.

I'll hold onto these for about a week while I wait to hear from my friends.. After that, most of these will be going up on Ebay for much higher prices!

Comment here, or call me 231-206-3561 .

(I need not know you personally to give you these prices.. Anyone who contacts me this week will get this price. After that they go up for everyone..)
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[27 Jan 2005|09:48pm]

Dearest Grand Haven,

There is a show at the Morning Star 75 Coffee Shop in Grand Rapids Saturday Jan. 29th at 7:00pm.

Pseudo: Grand Valley's zaniest comedy peoples.

Quiver of Arrows: A rockin' group that has Paul Baribeau in it. Paul Baribeau totaly won second place in the spotlight talent show on Tuesday. If that doesn't convince you what will?

Beastwood: Two guys that sit on lawnchairs and kick stuff and say bad words.

The flamingo-gos: A 60s style rock n' go-go group all the way from Canada. Trust me they know how to rock in Canada

The show is $5.00

I really hope you all can be there.

I write it here because I am from Grand Haven and i started this community so I can do what I please.
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The Re-Hashing of Punk Rock Weds. @ Ten Bells begins, Weds. Feb. 23rd [25 Jan 2005|03:01pm]

Weds Februaury 23rd at Ten Bells
Be there, you fucks!

The Bitters (Old men from GR, who play punk rock)
The Offbeats
Little John & The Crotch Punchers (Cover your balls)
The Drunk Upstarts

Doors @ 8pm
18 & Up
$5.00 cover

1753 Alpine NW (between Richmond & Ann St)
Grand Rapids
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[23 Jan 2005|01:59am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey all.. Looking for a house to rent.

Looking for a 4 bedroom house with utilities included, in Grand Haven. Closer to downtown the better, although location isn't number one.. Looking in the neighborhood of $600-700/month, although we may be able to stretch that up more depending on the house, and depending on number of rooms.
Must allow pets.. The pet being a medium sized perfectly housetrained and well-mannered dog.

If anyone has such a place for rent or knows someone who does, please let me know..(via email)
Thanks everyone!!



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A show at the DEE-LITE Sunday the 9th [05 Jan 2005|05:47pm]

All Yah'll Grand Haveners and fans of all things Grand Haven there will be a show this sunday January 9th at the Dee-Lite downtown.

The show is $5.00
There are three bands:

Quiver of Arrows (which Paul Baribeau, who is writing this, is in.)
Marshall PLan
Cheeco and Smily (or something like that)

Show starts at 8 o'clock
quiver of arrows promise to rock
it is an all ages show
so all ages should go!

I think my mom is going.
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[19 Sep 2004|08:01pm]

Off-topic but please read and pass on.

There's a virus being e-mailed to lj users and it looks like this:

Dear LiveJournal user,
We have recently noticed that you haven't updated your LiveJournal in
awhile. If you would like to keep your LiveJournal account, you must sign in
within the next 24 hours.
You may sign in at: {link removed}
Failure to sign in within the next 24 hours will result in account termination.

Please, post this in your personal journal and in your communities, even if it's off-topic for the community. This is very important.
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[16 Sep 2004|05:19pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey all my GH people, I have a friend coming into town, needs a place to stay for a couple days while he moves up here.. Anybody want to help? He's a cool guy, not a serial killer insofar as I know.. :)

He used to live in GR, moved to Washington, and hated it so he's moving back.

If anybody's up for it it's uber good karma points!!

Let me know...
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[16 Aug 2004|02:07pm]

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[02 Aug 2004|02:44pm]

[Unknown LJ tag] join!
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Beach Party [20 Jun 2004|06:14pm]

check this out if you are bored this summer...

Muskegon Summer Celebration presents the Exotic Tanning Beach Party Saturday July 3rd at Pere Marquette Beach in Muskegon from 1:00pm - 6:00 pm!
(Must be 18 to attend)

$7.00 18-20 Years Old
$3.00 21 and over

-Beer Tent!

-Register to Win 2 Free Domestic Round Trip tickets!

-Beer Tent!

-Register to Win a Sea Doo from 104.5 WSNX!

-Beer Tent!

-Win Prizes awarded the MTV Real World Cast presented by Exotic Tanning!

-Beer Tent!

-King & Queen of the Beach Contest!

-Beer Tent!

-Dancing with music provided by Jay Samborn Entertainment!

-Beer Tent!

-Enjoy on-going MPVA Beach Volleyball Tournament!

-Beer Tent!

-Limbo Contest, Pepper Eating contest, Gladiator Joust, Twister, and More!

-Did We Mention Beer tent?

*for more info log on to www.summercelebration.com or call (231) 722-6520
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A Rock Show [30 Apr 2004|06:05pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Big Rock show this saturday kiddos!

A Paschal Circus
Fallen Idols
Stands A Chance
Silence the Wake


PAUL BARIBEAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is gonna be an event to remember.
Location: Grand River Sailing Club (downtown Grand Haven by Chinook Pier)
Time: 6:00 PM
Cost: $5.00

This will be ultimate!

I've never let you down before.

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[23 Apr 2004|03:25am]

I just found out tonight that I work for the owners of the Laguna Beach Club/Lucky 13 building.
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