Lizz (brokenbrawler) wrote in grandhaven,

Wanted for Purchase - Will Pick Up

Hello everyone! My husband and I are in need of more than a few household items. Check your basements, attics and garages. We know you must have stuff like this laying around and collecting dust. We'll pay decently for them and will pick up/ load items ourselves (within reasonable proximity of Holland, MI):

MICROWAVE, 5 years old or less, no mini-microwaves, up to $50.

GAS RANGE, 8 years old or less, stove AND oven must work, will not repair, will consider all, but preferences for black, stainless steel or mostly black or stainless steel, up to $300-$400.

MEDICINE CABINETS for bathrooms, we need two of them, do NOT need to match, they are for two different bathrooms, up to $50.

BOOKSHELVES, BOOKCASES, WALL SHELVING, any size, any condition, we don't care if they're scratched up, dinged up, dented or just plain ugly as long as they're wood and somewhat sturdy. Also interested in laminate shelving if it's in decent shape. Up to $30-$40.

SMALL DRESSERS, END TABLES, NIGHT STANDS, SMALL TABLES AND SIDE BOARDS, will consider items in any condition as long as they are sturdy, preference for wood, up to $50.

TV/MEDIA STANDS/ CONSOLES or MICROWAVE STANDS, smaller units, not interested in large entertainment centers, only needs to be at least 21" x 11" on top. I don't care if its ugly, it just needs to be very sturdy, up to $30-$40.

SINKS - PEDESTAL/ WALL MOUNTED/ OTHER, we need a pedestal sink for one bathroom and some kind of other sink for the other bathroom (not picky on style). No cracks. We have not researched prices for sinks yet, so I have no price range to post. Make offers.

TOILET, just needs to be a working unit, no cracks, doesn't need to have a seat (we'll buy our own). Make offers.

WARDROBE/ PANTRY/ CABINETS/ STORAGE, we need this kind of stuff too, price range too great to list, depends on what you've got.

FREEZERS, preference for chest style over upright, but will consider all, email us with age, size or capacity and how much you want for it.

Go ahead and send offers, descriptions, pictures, prices and all that good stuff to Please specify your location so we may figure driving distances when considering your items. I will reply to all emails. Thank you so much!
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