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Still don't feel too welcome to the neighborhood!

I've applied for 23 jobs so far and haven't landed any. My bf does have a full time job, but minimum wage isn't cutting it, especially with a car breaking down and a baby on the way pretty soon. He needs a better job. He has cash handling experience and has worked as one of those people that clock people in at a construction site? Our rent right now is almost all of the entire month's wages he earns with all utilities included but electric. If anyone has any leads on an apartment or home for rent, preferably  that is hopefully around $450 or under with all utilities included that wouldn't mind a couple with a baby and maybe a kitty, that would be wonderful! Also, what do people do around here?? I came from the U.P. and I used to like to go hiking on the trails and swim in the lake. I haven't quite figured out Grand Haven yet. The lake is too cold right now and... I don't know what to do with myself. I'm suffering from major cabin fever. No more blueberry picking, no more trail hiking, no more scenic drives, no more walking up to the waterfalls... :( This is depressing. I don't really have any buddies but my bf. The lack of jobs is also depressing. But... I am approaching 7 months pregnant and can't really waste much more time looking for employment. Grand Haven so far summed up in one word to me is DEPRESSING. I want to move, but am stuck because I can't think of a city to move to. I'd like Grand Haven to be a place where I would like to stay.
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